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Competitor Comparison

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K-Guard vs. Competitor

No other system can offer the complete range of benefits that K-Guard provides

K-Guard Gutters

inside of kguard gutter

Competitor Gutters

inside view of competitor's gutter guard system


  • Larger Size: K-Guard offers 6-inch gutters, providing a 40% increased water capacity compared to our competitor's smaller gutters.
  • Durable Hanger: K-Guard features a robust, patented hanger design that ensures long-lasting stability and support, while our competitor relies on an unsupported trough.
  • Two Openings for water: K-Guard utilizes two openings for water entry, effectively channeling rainwater and preventing overflow, which is a limitation in our competitor's design.
  • Two Piece system: In the event of storm damage, including hail, K-Guard's two-piece hood is easily replaceable, saving you money on repairs.
  • S Lip: The front opening features an S lip, making the front opening smaller making sure water goes in and debris doesnt.
  • Attractive Design: K-Guard's seamless, aesthetically pleasing design enhances the curb appeal of your home, whereas our competitor's gutters may not be as visually appealing.
  • Cost-Effective: K-Guard offers a competitive price point, ensuring you get superior gutter performance without breaking the bank, while our competitor's system tends to be more expensive.

Our Competitor

  • Smaller Size: Our competitor's smaller gutters have limited water capacity, making them less effective at handling heavy rainfall compared to K-Guard's larger gutters.
  • Unsupported Trough: Our competitor relies on an unsupported trough design, which can be less stable and prone to sagging over time, unlike K-Guard's durable hanger.
  • Single Opening: Our competitor utilizes a single, larger opening, which can allow debris to enter the gutter system, leading to potential clogs and maintenance issues.
  • One Piece system: In case of damage to our competitor, the entire system often needs replacing, resulting in higher maintenance costs.
  • Lack of S Lip: Unlike K-Guard, Our competitor lacks an S lip, making its only opening a lot larger and less effective at keeping debris out.
  • Aesthetically Less Pleasing: The design of our competitor's gutter system may not be as visually appealing as K-Guard's seamless, attractive profile.
  • Higher Cost: Our Competitor tends to come with a higher price tag, making it less cost-effective for homeowners looking for quality gutter solutions.

Why The Competition Won't Hold Up to K-Guard:

In summary, K-Guard outperforms our competitor in several critical aspects. Our larger, 6-inch gutters offer 40% more water capacity, ensuring superior rainwater management. The durability of our patented hanger design provides stable, long-lasting support, while our competitor relies on an unsupported trough that can sag over time. Additionally, K-Guard's competitive pricing and attractive design make it a more appealing choice for homeowners. When it comes to gutter systems, K-Guard stands as the superior choice, offering both functionality and value that our competitor simply cannot match.

How K-Guard Compares

As Iowa's premier installer of the K-Guard gutter system, K-Guard Iowa offers both the benefits of a nationally trusted brand and a locally owned company. We offer free estimates on all services and a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

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5" & 6" Style "Open" Gutters K-Guard Premium Gutter Guards Gutter Screens After Market Gutter Toppers One Piece Seamless Clog-Free System
Does not attach to roof done done close close done
Does not require new drip edge installation close done close close close
Full sized 6 gutter system done done done done close
Seasonal Maintenance required done close done done close
Lifetime no-clog guarantee close done close close done
Lifetime no-leak guarantee close done close close done
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